World leader in wire mesh conveyor belts

Unibelt is the market leader for wire mesh conveyor belts, offering custom solutions for the food industry, automotive and the industrial drying sector. As part of the Steinhaus GmbH group we combine our craftsmanship with its worldwide network to produce the highest quality belt solutions. Our belts meet particularly high demands on material, spiral structure and tolerances. 

Wire mesh conveyor belts

In over forty years we have produced thousands of wire mesh conveyor belts for a wide range of industries and applications. Our belts are used for heating, drying, cooling, conveying, washing and de-watering various product groups, from food to industrial parts. With our unique approach by combining almost artisanal work with high-end machinery we ensure the highest quality of conveyor belts, trusted by customers all over the world.

No customer need is alike and we understand that at Unibelt. We offer tailor-made conveyor belts, according to your specific needs. From the raw materials to the final inspection we can guarantee the quality and longevity of our products by keeping the entire process in-house.

Our products include, but are not limited to, flat wire segmented belts, rounded wire segment belts, wire eyelet segmented belts, rounded wire braided segment belts, braided bar segment belts, crossbar belts, rolled baking belts, grid belts and curved conveyor belts.

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